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Sunday, January 1, 2012

JB-KING UPDATE V2012.01.13

POSTED BY funky gamez | POSTED ON 2:57 AM | TAGS

  • JB-KING upgrade package V2012.01.13         

    Update content:
    2012-01-13: support "Batman Arkham City"
    2012-01-04: support more 7 pcs special BD-R games
    2011-11-30: support latest 2.4 upgrade 8 pcs games
    2011-11-28:corrected somewhere in " Upgrade Method "
    2011-11-24: JB-KING upgrade package V2011.12.24,add  "JBK reset patch 2.3_upgrade" and "reset patch guide V2.3"

    1/ PC Driver
    2/ JBK Upgrade Tools
    3/ How to upgrade Version 2011.12.21
    4/ JBK reset patch 2.3_upgrade
    5/ reset patch guide V2.3
    6/ upgrade 20111220
    7/  upgrade  20

    2012.01.04 update 2.41

    upgrade 20120104.dfu
    MD5: 79032d099c9a9b5cfd3b1fd2b0326c29
    SHA1: 0ef28c48bdbab4e74231961038a856f2cc8c82fe

    upgrade package 2.4 MD5: 41c4c101adedffb29dd3bc5f99eca1b0
    SHA1: 36bd2540227dc934026e565add67c29d4e394e46

    spi 2.4_upgrade
    MD5: 8b27f8873cd2304dbebb5e1218a6b35e
    SHA1: acd064df365713c4a3069e21bee0436da5b0b4d9

    reset patch 2.3
    MD5: 2a9cea5056a5681f0126eabca117b47d
    SHA1: e426b39291197ab21f671411f63c49a0e987417b
      Download        2011-12-21


JBking_PS3_3.55_CFW download link:

PLS install this CFW on your PS3 console,then insert your JB-King dongle and enjoy your games.
Install Guide pls come to our "News" page,there is guide in detail,step by step.

MD5: e9bb25ac7e39885bdbb907a8b834e6a9
SHA1: 6f5468e8a6adeca63f126ddd9047c6ebc650457e
CRC32: c7bb7d26

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