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Sunday, January 1, 2012

ebootFIX! ebootMOD!

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If you're looking to fix or mod your EBOOTs then deank, developer of multiMAN, has something for you ... and you, and you ... and just about anyone else who is sporting a hacked PS3 wanting to play backups on a lower firmware version -- lower than the game may actually require. Download the package below and inside you'll find a whole whack of files, but we're going to keep the attention on "ebootFIX.exe" and "ebootMOD.exe."
This tool processes whole game folders; drag & drop the folder of whatever PS3 game, the parent folder holding all the game files and sub-folders onto this executable and after it crunches away you'll be left with two new folders: [NPDRM] and [RETAIL].
What's the diff? From _readme.txt:
[NPDRM] - content ready to be installed as PSN-style XMB game: You will find two PKG files in the folder. The tool will decrypt and sign all executables (EBOOT.BIN and other .self / .sprx files) to make them compatible with lower firmware versions. Follow the generated INSTRUCTIONS in [NPDRM] folder.
[RETAIL] - all files which you can replace in your original backup copy to play the game via a Game Manager.
This one takes a single file -- drag & drop an EBOOT.BIN or a .self or .sprx -- and it'll result in a decrypted and signed file that is again compatible with lower firmware versions.
Of course you can find more info in "_readme.txt" and at the source. Also included is a version of multiMAN v1.16.11; a test build that properly handles sprx files when using "shadow copy."
Download: ebootFIX / ebootMOD (Final #5)
- source: psx-scene

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